Taaras Mobile Application for Program Outreach



Improving Citizen Engagement & Service Delivery for the marginalised. Taaras is a mobile and web application by Swasti that facilitates easy access to public services for citizens. It reaches the most poor and marginalised with a basket of public services that improves their well being simultaneously improving demand for and supporting efficient and effective service delivery.

Configurable functionalities: The app allows for easy addition, deletion and modification in several regional languages.

Interaction tracking: The app works on the 'prayer wheel concept', telling the outreach worker exactly where the conversations were last left off. This avoids repetition and prevents fatigue.

Smart communication: The user intelligence of the software accurately identifies the right questions to be asked to each member.

Need based segmentation: The information filtering algorithm allows for effective customisation of communication and services for an individual or group.

Single view use cases: The data capture technology creates a single view of all information about an individual member in one place improving effectiveness of interactions and service provision.

Interactive iconised UI: The text-free user interface makes the app accessible for users irrespective of their literacy levels.

Work plan dashboard: The dashboard acts like a work concierge organising projects and tasks to effectively manage and deliver on your work responsibilities.

Built in customisable workflows: The app has different workflows for products and services, which can be easily customised as per user need. Users can hide or turn off functionalities not relevant to their programme.

Drillable dashboards: Analytical dashboards for key indicators defined by the programme allows the user to get varied insights and download for further analysis.

Mobile Application to/from Platform synchronisation: The app is integrated with the web platform allowing access to real time data for users across mobile and web platforms.

Offline usage: The app can work offline in internet dark areas seamlessly thus reaching remote locations

Message broadcasting: Enabling effective programme management, the app has provisions for a single user to message co-workers across the organisation about a planned event, a meeting, or send reminders.

Secure data storage: The system is currently hosted in its own servers, which ensures data security.


Swasti continues to build on the features of the app.

  1. Additional analytics that enable trend analysis of performance over a year
  2. User defined reports that provide nuanced insights for better planning and implementation.
  3. Features that enable performance enhancement of outreach staff.
  4. Use of stress passwords that increase the security of information stored.
  5. Algorithm that identifies and indicates key needs of beneficiaries and generates customisable outreach messages.


Established in 2002, Swasti is a non-profit health resource centre focussed on improving public health outcomes for poor and marginalised communities; strategically aligning technical support, innovation and technology. Headquartered in Bangalore, Swasti Health Resource Centre works in 20+ countries. Visit www.swasti.org to know more.


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