Vellore Pengal Mempattu Sangam (VPMS) is a community organisation (CO) of women from economically backward families in Vellore district of Tamil Nadu State in India. The CO was founded in 2012 and focuses on the socioeconomic development and good health of marginalised women in the district.

VPMS has 1492 members and is registered under the Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act, 1975.


VPMS aims to empower the marginalised women through holistic development intervention programmes.

Services Provided

Programmes of VPMS works to empower poor, destitute and widowed women, female sex workers, and women who are HIV/AIDS affected and their family members.

  • Promoting self help groups for socioeconomic empowerment of women
  • Providing medical and psychosocial care, nutrition support for people living with HIV and education guidance for their children
  • Facilitating access to government welfare schemes and entitlements for members and their families
  • Implementing targeted interventions to prevent HIV/AIDS and providing treatment and care services
  • Enabling access to affordable financial services
  • Building member capacities for skill development and livelihoods
  • Conducting legal aid training and providing counselling services

VPMS envisions addressing the developmental needs of its members through livelihood and civic initiatives, and create a distinct identity as a community institution that is owned, managed and run by the community.

Highlights (2)

  • District - Vellore
  • Founded - 2012
  • Members supported - 1492
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