Salem Thirunangaigal Nala Sangam (STNS) is a community organisation (CO) of transgender persons (TGs) and men having sex with men (MSM) founded in 2007. The CO works with the communities in Salem district of Tamil Nadu State in India.

STNS has 2098 members and is registered under the Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act,1975.


STNS aims to ensure quality of life of transgender persons and men having sex with men by ensuring basic human rights, providing quality health care, creating an environment of reduced stigma and discrimination and enabling access to all services provided by the government.

Services Provided

The CO's services are meant to bring about positive social change and ensure that TG and MSM are understood, accepted, respected and can participate fully in all aspects of Indian society.

  • Supporting the members to access free land and house from the government
  • Ensuring community's access to various government schemes and entitlements
  • Helping them understand and resolve various forms of violences
  • Implementing targeted interventions to prevent STI and HIV/AIDS

The CO envisions that all its members would access education and employment opportunities and quit begging; and plans to mobilise them into self help groups and ensure financial support for their livelihood activities.


  • District - Salem
  • Founded - 2007
  • Members supported - 2098
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