Anbin Nala Sangam (ANS) is a community organisation (CO) of transgender persons in Dharmapuri district of Tamil Nadu State in India. A federated body of community based self help groups (SHGs), ANS serves the vulnerable transgender community in the district. The SHGs have accessed bank loans to start enterprises for self employment.

The CO is registered under The Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act 1975 and has 412 members.


Anbin Nala Sangam aims to build confidence among the transgender community, increase their social recognition, and create sustainable improvements in their lives and livelihoods.

Services Provided

ANS provides a range of services to its members.

  • Forming self help groups for transgender persons
  • Facilitating credit access for SHG members
  • Enabling social protection access to transgender persons and men having sex with men
  • Building awareness on financial security and planning for members
  • Networking with government and private sectors
  • > Supporting PLHIVs by providing nutritional support and counselling
  • Providing legal litracy and support through District Legal Services Authority (DLSA)
  • Counselling MSMs under the age of 18

ANS is working towards forming more self help groups, inculcate savings habit among transgender persons, help them have increased livelihood options, and strengthen the community organisation to better serve the community.


  • District - Dharmapuri
  • Founded - 2012
  • Members supported - 412
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