Pragati Mahila Sanstha (PMS) is a commnunity organistion (CO) operting between Thane and Ulhasnagar with different typologies of female sex workers (FSWs), including lodge and home based as well as floating or street based FSWs.

Founded in 2007 with equal donations from seven committed members, the CO today has 809 members and is registered under the Maharashtra Societies Registration Act, 1860.


PMS aims to make sex workers self reliant by protecting them from exploitation of lodge owners and debtors, helping prevent unwanted pregnancies and providing nutrition to people living with HIV (PLHIV) and children.

Services Provided

PMS works to empower its sex worker members through various initiatives.

  • Empowering community through income generation activities
  • Improving nutrition through sale of nutrition supplement food packets
  • Supporting alternate livelihoods through supply of fortified finger millet powder, jewellery and clothe bags to retail businesses
  • Facilitating access to government schemes and entitilements
  • Mobilising members for empowerment activities
  • Providing health services
  • Building financial security through micro insurance support to members from different agencies

Pragati Mahila Sanstha envisions providing community members with access to health and financial services, social protection, livelihood, violence prevention and women's empowerment support and education support to their childern.


  • District - Thane
  • Founded - 2007
  • Members supported - 809
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