Muktangan Mahila Mandal (MMM) is a community organisation (CO), founded in 2012, by likeminded women in Beed district of Maharashtra State in India. The members are women who have faced poverty, gender inequality, and various other forms of violence among Female sex workers

The CO is registered under Maharashtra Societies Registration Act,1860 and has 423 female sex workers as members.


MMM aims to empower female sex workers socially and economically and make them self reliant.

Services Provided

MMM's services target specific vulnerabilities of its members such as financial insecurity, alcohol addiction and violence.

  • Mobilising the members into self help groups to enable them to work towards financial security and facilitate entrepreneurship
  • Reducing alcohol addiction among female sex workers through regular home visits, support at the time of crises and counselling by volunteers
  • Helping members fight violence by creating awareness about forms of violence and through sensitisation of district government and police officials, 22 members received training through DLSA on para legal volunteers.
  • 245 members supported to secrued civic IDs, and schemes.
  • 8 site level crisis committee formed to support our members during crisis.

MMM envisions that all sex workers are able to access required services, such as health, financial, social protection, livelihood, violence prevention and education support for their children, from the CO.


  • District - Beed
  • Founded - 2012
  • Members supported - 423
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