Kranti Mahila Sangh (KMS) is a community organisation (CO) of female sex workers. Founded in 2010, the CO is based in Nashik district of Maharashtra State in India.

KMS has 1150 women in sex work as members and is registered under the Maharashtra Societies Registration Act, 1860.


KMS aims to address the developmental needs of its members through livelihood and civic initiatives and create a distinct identity for itself as a community institution, owned, managed and run by the community.

Services Provided

KMS provides various services to its members to empower them to be independent and self reliant.

  • Facilitating access to government welfare schemes for members and their families , helped to secure 56 ration cards and more than 250 civic Ids.
  • Promoting access to savings, credit and insurance by mobilising women into microfinance self help groups , helped 233 members to open an bank accounts
  • Training in different skills to support alternate livelihoods
  • Conducting legal aid training and providing counselling services to better deal with distress
  • Implementing HIV prevention programmes along with care and support services
  • Building financial literacy to increase member awareneess on prudent use of money, provided financial literacy to 750 members.

KMS envisions that they will mobilise all female sex workers in the district to be members in the CO and avail its services and support their children to access education; and the CO having its own enterprise so as to have enough financial resources for growth.


  • District - Nashik
  • Founded - 2010
  • Members supported - 1150
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