Soukhya Samudhaya Samasthe (SSS), founded in 2007, in Chitradurga district of Karnataka State in India is a community organisation (CO) of women in sex work. SSS has been conducting programmes, along with the co-operation of the state government, for the upliftment and empowerment of the members in the organisation.

SSS supports 2335 members and is registered under the Karnataka Societies Registration Act 1960.


Soukhya aims to prevent violence against women in sex work and empower them for their socioeconomic, political and cultural development.

Services Provided

SSS implements various initiatives, many in partnership with local and state government, to empower its members.

  • Ensuring compulsory and complete education and vocational training for children of women in sex work
  • Organising movements and campaigns to influence society's understanding of women in sex work
  • Preventing trafficking of women and girls
  • Securing safety, security and justice measures for the community to better address crises
  • Mobilising women into self help groups and building financial security by facilitating bank linkages, and access to insurance and pension schemes
  • Spreading awareness on HIV and its prevention among the general community
  • Supporting the women to generate alternate sources of income

SSS works towards reducing the stigma and discrimination against sex workers in the society and to help them access their civil rights.


  • District - Chitradurga
  • Founded - 2007
  • Members supported - 2335
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