Soukhya Samrudhi Samasthe (SSS) is a community organisation (CO) of women in sex work in Kolar district of Karnataka State in India. Founded in 2008, SSS is a federation of community based groups focused primarily on health and economic empowerment of sex workers.

The CO is registered under the Karnataka Societies Registration Act 1960 and has 1800 women in sex work as members.


SSS aims to prevent HIV/AIDS among female sex workers by encouraging increased condom use with all their sexual partners, reducing incidence of curable sexually transmitted infections and creating an enabling environment for their socioeconomic empowerment.

Services Provided

SSS provides a comprehensive range of services to improve the lives of its members.

  • Building successful partnerships with public and private sectors to create an enabling environment to reduce stigma and address the socio-economic needs of the high risk communities
  • Maintaining regular contact with registered female sex workers
  • Organising monthly meetings for sex workers not in groups and conventions for Soukhya group members
  • Maintaining focus on high priority groups
  • Supporting the members financially through the activities of cooperative society
  • Providing health and other need based services through drop-in-centres
  • Conducting counselling services, awareness programmes, health camps and check ups, and condom promotion for members
  • Influencing health seeking behaviour of all registered sex workers through behaviour change communication programmes
  • Facilitating linkages to social entitlements and schemes to respond to the non-HIV needs of the members
  • Supporting members to access entrepreneurship development and income generation programmes to improve their economic status
  • Mobilising community and building community institution to strengthen their collective action and improve their social status
  • Providing crisis management services

SSS will continue to work towards identifying and mobilising sex workers and generating awareness for a greater understanding of HIV/AIDS in the society.


  • District - Kolar
  • Founded - 2008
  • Members supported - 1800

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