UdayaRekhaMahilaMandali: is a non-profitable, non-political voluntary organization. In 2003 (Reg.No.872/2003) It was started with an objective of empowering the sex worker communities for the prevention of sexually transmitted infections and HIV and also for the welfare of and wellbeing of the vulnerable sex workers (retired, HIV positives and orphans) and their children. In the Financial Year 2016-17 organization has conducted various types of programs in Tuni, Annavaram, Rowtulapudi, Shankavaram clusters of East Godavari District for the empowerment of the vulnerable women. Total covered population 1274


Sustainable CO will address needs of community members; all community members will access services of organization get hold of good health, free from crisis and live in financial and social security

Services Provided

Enable access to social protection schemes of the government for members to lead socially secure lives

  • Strengthen financial security of members' lives through knowledge on and access to financial products and services
  • Helping members access better safety, security and justice measures
  • Strengthening institutional development of the community organisation to better serve its members
  • Provide HIV prevention and care services to women and vulnerable children

URMM works towards being a sustainable organisation continuing to serve female sex workers and Community Postive childrans and advocate with line departments to protect the interest of the community and its organisations.


  • District - East Godavari
  • Founded - 2003
  • Members supported - 1274
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